Monday, January 28, 2013

What you see is what you get!

I've debated writing this post for a while and I'm finally finding the courage to sit down and do this. Thanks to all of the wonderful new bloggers I have found recently for giving me the gusto to type what I am about to type.

For a long time I have had the notion in my head of what my blog should look like. Notice I said should?! For the longest time, probably too long, I have had probably the #1 blogging disease... Thinking that my blog needed to look like so and so's. Or that I had to write similar to you know who. Well guess what?? I'm over that stage. I'm tossing all of that malarkey out the window. Yes I just said malarkey :) I'm moving on to the next stage of blogging and I certainly hope you're coming with me!

Here's the deal: between my work schedule, family schedule, kids activity schedule, making time for family and friends, making sure to attend every and all birthdays/events/showers, having enough hands on play time and quiet time with each of our children as a whole as well as individually I don't have the energy to put on a polished outfit, ring up a photographer friend who has mad photo taking abilities as well as photoshop abilities. Nor do I have the mental capacity most days to apply makeup, and I certainly don't have lavish wardrobe for me to style to your liking. My style goes about as far as sweatpants and t-shirts...or jeans and a sweatshirt on a day when I'm not feeling overly bloated :) Oh the joys of having 3 kids in 4 years! There is nothing on this body/ face that you will be missing- trust me!

In fact most nights when I come home from work it is a miracle when I have a hot dinner on the table for my children that does not include oatmeal, eggs, or pancakes. I mean who doesn't love breakfast for dinner and I would be lying if I said I don't do my happy dance when my children request these for dinner. Especially considering our oldest son can now make(safely) oatmeal which is a huge help!! But if I am going to be in the right mindset and whole heatedly hand myself over to you through my blog then I need to have as little mommy guilt as possible. Also another attribute I can thank my children for.

So there you have it. While I'm not quite sure what this blog is evolving into I can tell you it most certainly will not contain selfies of me in the latest most trendy outfits. I can give you pictures of 2nd day hair and makeup while rockin' some sweats that may or may not be bright pink. And I highly doubt you want to see pictures of my messy living room with toys sprawled all over it. But what I can promise you is that what you see and get will never be fake. I refuse to let smoke and mirrors take over my blog.

This spot is a passion for me, and I never want that passion to fizzle. I always want the fire to keep on burnin' and the ideas fresh. So while you might not get selfies of me each and every day know that what you are seeing is the truth. Always. And I have to say I am very excited to be moving along in my blogging journey.

Well there you have it. A piece of me. A piece of my heart and vulnerability-so please try to be nice :)

P.S. This post ( just like my last one) comes to you from mi baƱo. My bath!! There certainly is a trend going on here with me and the bathtub lately, huh? Well who am I to knock a good spot for writing?!! I certainly will not. You should try it sometime. For reals ;)

Friday, January 25, 2013

A little of my Friday night

This post comes to you from my bathtub. Yup that's right I said it. I'm blogging from the bathtub :) in fact I think every blogger should try it and with today's technological advances why not?!

And now on a more serious note...
I'm not sure exactly what I want to come across in this blog post but I am going to try my very best to get my ideas out as clearly as possible.

When I first got back into blogging I wasn't working 45+ hours a week, in fact I wasn't working at all. This past month being back at work full time has really taken most of my energy. It's not just my blog that has been suffering ( as I'm sure you can tell) but its also my kids, family, and social life. I don't want to become one of those parents who is never present for their children, and I've noticed myself slipping into that pattern lately and I don't like it at all. I need to make the most of the time I have with my babies while they are still babies...

And sometimes I am so torn. I tell myself I have a really great idea to blog about, sometimes I even write that great idea down but then 99% of the time it doesn't go any further and that frustrates me! I really wish I had the luxury of sitting down at 11 pm or midnight and busting out a really great blog but that's just NOT me. For starters I am more of a morning person :) and I'd hate I just write a post for the heck of hitting the publish button, ya know? This space is MINE... And as a wife and momma to 3 I don't get very much stuff so I want it to shine and be the best spot this little blog can be!

So I guess 1/2 of me is apologizing for leaving those of you who still follow hanging with posts that have become few and far between. The other 1/2 of me doesn't know what is going to become of my space. And that worries me. I know how much joy blogging brings me, and I want you to know how much I appreciate each and every one of you and your comments! I love getting comments from you so please please keep them coming! My love language is Affirmation, if you couldn't tell ;)

But what I DON'T want is for this to start to feel like work. I want to know that I have the freedom to come and go, and still have a steady readership. I want to know that even though I'm not posting 5+ posts a week like most bloggers, that I am more concerned over quality rather than quantity.
I want to make an impact.
I want to make a difference in the lives of my readers even if it is just one of you.
I want to know that I am serving Him and that this little blog of mine has a purpose.

There are many times during the day when I am influenced by my surroundings, my co workers, friends, family, and environments. I am going to be more proactive and am going to start to make more of an effort to write down the ways I am moved, and impacted throughout my days.

But for right now I am just thankful to be able to do this. I am thankful for having the guts to put mine and my family's life out there. It isn't always easy, but it's always worth it! You can quote me on that folks :) so yea you may have already figured out and taken note that my posts are more scattered and less of, but I promise you I'm not leaving. I am going to ride this thing out and keep on blogging!

And now, I think I'll get back to my bubble bath thank you very much!

Sunday, January 13, 2013


Last year I read a book that gave me the idea to come up with a word for each year. I was so excited to finally get to do this exercise this year. Now that we're half way though January I finally have my word. Better late than never right?! My word for 2013 is MERCY. I think I need more mercy in my life. I need to practice it, show it, and give more of it. I want to live as a merciful person. I want a merciful life. I want to judge less and open my heart more. I want to understand what others are feeling and know where they are coming from. I want to be reminded that every person out there is fighting their own battle and we have no clue what that battle is, unless they choose to share with us. Each of us has a different back story filled with different childhoods, the ups and downs of our teenage years, those awkward high school years and whatever mess we got into post high school. I want to stop feeling as though I've failed and remember His mercy. Then I want to be able to take that same Mercy He gives to me and give it to my husband, my children, my family, and friends. How great a feeling to know we've given someone mercy rather than judgement and condemnation. I'd much rather be clothed in mercy than designer labels. My point is is that we all need a little mercy in our lives, and some of us need a lot. I feel like I need a lot, and am hoping at the end of 2013 I will be a better person for choosing this word. What's your word for 2013?

Friday, January 11, 2013


It probably doesn't come to any surprise to you that I have been feeling a little bit down lately. I had been crying the woe is me game for a few weeks. In fact the other day I say down during my lunch break to type a post that I was so excited to reveal only to find out later that night I had not saved. Bummer! So I'm sitting down with you today to let you know that it's about time I pull myself out of the gutter I have been lying in. I'm tired of feeling down, exhausted, and in the dumps. Today right here with all of you I am standing up and putting on my big girl pants! No more squabbling, no more judging to put myself above others. I don't want any more anxiety, stress, or friction in my life. I'm finished with all of that. Today I am turning over a new rock and reminding myself that my life is what it is because of God. Today I am handing everything back to Him. All of the pity, the fear, the anxiety, the unknowns, the stress, every single thing is going back to Him and I am saying do with it what you will. Your will be done, not mine. Today is a new day.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

This thing called life

This thing called life is hard.
Like sometimes really, really hard.
Most nights I lay in bed exhausted just thinking of everything that needs to be done the next day.
Clothes needing ironing, lunches need to be packed, hair and makeup done, teeth brushed, breakfast served, coffee made, shoes tied, and that is all before 8:15 am!!
All too often I get caught up in the "business"of life.
Caught up in the busy-ness, the going from here to there, and how much time can I cut off the commute to and from the office, and how can I better manage my time this week?
Caught up in what task needs to be completed next before finishing the task at hand.
Caught up in all the craziness this world has to offer.
I find myself walking around sometimes-an empty shell.
Going through the motions but not really feeling anything.
Why is that?
I have a full heart, a full house, a full family, a full everything.
But I don't feel full...
That feeling of pure ecstacy.
That feeling that even though everything is not perfect, that we have so much to be happy about and look forward to.
I want to  take a step back, and breathe.
To take in all this crazy world has to offer us, rather than rush though it.
To really, truly soak it all in.
Time to appreciate those sunsets that look hand painted and one of a kind.
Time to capture the smile on our kids faces and their carefree giggles.
Time to enjoy the warmth of the sun on our faces, even if it is January.
Do you ever find yourself slipping down a slippery path?
What do you do to get yourself out of a funk in the winter?
I'd love to hear.

Monday, January 7, 2013

LIfe Lately

Our life lately has been absolutely crazy!
Too much has been going on to organize it all so I am just going to type as my thoughts come...
Let me fill you in on it all:
Did I tell you that over Christmas and New Years all 5 of us {at one point or another} had the cold virus AND the stomach virus?!
Ahhhh yes, what a beautiful sight that was...
fun times I tell you, fun times!
I'm so thankful to be over all of that.
I think I used more Lysol than is legally allowed to get rid of all the germs.

I got a new sewing machine for Christmas!!
Santa AKA {my in-laws} were nice enough to get one for me.
I've already hemmed 3 pairs of pants, and am hoping to open up my shop again soon!

We've booked a family trip to visit my family in Massachusetts.
For about 2 years of my life I lived in Massachusetts, and my parents, brother, sister, and all of my dad's family still live there.
 My grandmother (on my dad's side) was put into a nursing home last week so we are making the trip up there to spend some time with her and see my family.
I'm secretly hoping to fit in a trip snow-tubing with our kids as well.

I recently won a FREE pub party at a local restaurant for up to 30 friends!
How awesome?
I'm seriously never win anything so to me this is pretty awesome...
Amazing food, music, friends, and drinks sound good to me.

I finally invested in a hair treatment that will save my locks when I blow dry them and it is AMAZING!!  It leaves my hair silk and shiny even when I blow dry the night before.

Next month is my 28th birthday...and I'm not sure how I feel about it yet...I will let you know as it gets closer :)  All I hope for is a night AWAY with just my husband!

Confession?  I've lost 5 followers over the past week and I'm not sure why.  I mean I know my posts have been more sporadic since I've returned to work and that to most it's not all about the numbers, but I have to admit it does sting a bit!  I'm hoping to get back to blogging on the regular as my mind and body readjust to working life!

That is all for now...what have you been up to?

Thursday, January 3, 2013

An Attitude of Gratitude

I feel as though I have gotten into a rut lately.
Have you ever felt that way?
I felt lately I have not been thankful for much.
I'm constantly focused on the bad in every situation rather than looking for the silver lining.
I feel like the more I dig myself into this deep dark place, the harder it is for me to climb out of it.
Sure it is so much easier to dwell on the negative in our lives.
I have to CHOOSE to see the good in every situation.
I have to CHOOSE to see the light.
I have to CHOOSE to be positive and have an attitude of gratitude.
Rather than focusing on the negative I need to remember there are many many postives in my life right now.
I have an amazing little family, a roof over our heads, a job with a steady income, and my priorities in order.
Every day I wake up I try my darn hardest to stay upbeat and attentive, but some days this task is easier said than done.
I'm going to start being intentional about having an attitude of gratitude each and
I'm determined to be proactive because honestly I do not want to become one of those bitter old ladies you over hear yelling at someone at the post office because the line was too long for her liking.
I need to remember to practice my patience, just like I tell my kids.
I need to remember that everything is in His time, not mine.
I need to remember His plan is much grander and better than anything I could possibly every imagine and that waiting will be worth every.single.second.
I need to remember that nothing is every a waste of time, but rather a lesson learned that I can apply at another time. 
I'm making a promise here and now in front of all of you to be more intentional of having an attitude of gratitude, hopefully then everything will fall into place.

The Working Momma

The Working Momma.
That is what I have become these past few weeks...
it hasn't been easy, in fact its been downright exhausting.
I'm amazed that I've been able to get dinner on the table every night even if it is cereal, oatmeal, or pancakes!
Up at 7 to come down and load the Keurig with my coffee then back upstairs to iron the boys school clothes and my work clothes.
Breakfast, packed lunches, teeth brushed, shoes and socks on, backpacks packed and out the door.
Me to work and them to school.
Back home at 5, dinner on the stove, feed the kids (theres a 50/50 chance of me actually getting dinner as well), then upstairs for bath/shower time, put the baby to bed, and back downstairs for homework, a snack, and free play.
I'm usually in bed anywhere between 10-11.
15-17 hour days.
This gig is tough.
Much tougher than I remember.
But I can feel it becoming a bit easier each day.
As my body is adjusting so is my mind.
Little by little, day by day I am feeling a bit normal.
And this is something I am so happy to get back.
A piece of me, a part of who I am.