Friday, March 7, 2014

Happy Weekend!

This weekend is supposed to be upwards of 50 degrees in here Jersey!  
I don't remember what it feels like to have weather above 30 lately....
and the sun?
Oh, wait what is that again?
I cannot WAIT to feel the warmth of the sun on my face this weekend!
I have already warned hubby that I will be going for a run both days this weekend-and I cannot.wait for that to happen!

In other news for the first time in almost 8 years we are officially DIAPER FREE!!
That's right folks after changing and mastering the art of explosive diapers, and changing kids on the go we are home free!
After successfully potty training our 3rd son, Aaron (and hey it was only my 4th attempt with this one!) I am so over the moon happy to announce that he FINALLY GOT IT!
He was by far my toughest to potty train and it literally took me listening to everyone saying "He'll do it when he's ready."
I swear my other two wear a walk in the park compared to this one!
Well guess what?
He was finally ready!
I had even begun to joke with girlfriends that I would be sending Aaron off to college with extra long twin sheets and Pull ups!

Thursday night I finally took the plunge!
I became a red-head.
Like full on RED.HEAD.
Here's my pic to prove it :)

And I am still kicking butt and rockin' with my Rodan and Fields business!
This month my feature products are our ever amazing Lip serum-believe me with such harsh elements this winter my lips have had it...
NOTHING was cutting it-until I tried this!  
Simply divine....I even feel *spoiled* using it at night!
our out of this world multi function eye cream!
Under eye bags?
NO more!
Crows feet?
Droopy eye lids?
No way!
Seriously-all of this stuff is amazing, go check out my site!


Monday, March 3, 2014

Today was a great day

Today was a great day.
I woke up this morning to a text from my office saying that we had our "typical snow day delay."
Surprisingly I wasn't phased at all, didn't even bother looking out the window and re-set my alarm as our boys school had already closed for the day.
When my alarm went off for the second time I had a new text from my job stating due to the State of Emergency we would be closed for the day.
I've been there 4 years and this has never happened :)
Needless to say I was one happy momma!
I continued to lay in bed a little while longer snuggled up next to our 3 year old, my husband sleeping on the other side of him and did I mention our 5 year old and 7 year old sleeping on the floor of our room?
No?  I didn't mention that?
Oh yeah-THAT!
That is for another post, another time!
Anywho after enjoying another hour or so in bed talking, laughing and giggling with Aaron he decided he was ready to use the potty (he's FINALLY fully potty trained-thank the good Lord!), and then we casually made our way downstairs.
I enjoyed a cup of coffee while watching the news and catching up on some of my favorite morning shows and the rest of my sons, and husband made their way downstairs when they were good and ready as well.
The next few hours were filled with relaxing on the couch, breakfast, more coffee, dance parties, and me finally getting around to transferring my 2,000+ pictures from my phone to my computer!
Eventually I snuck upstairs and started gathering everyones essentials to go outside and play in the snow.
Hat, gloves, boots, snow bibs for the boys, sweatshirts, get the picture.
Everyone was dressed and we headed outside with only a few minor, "I don't want to wear that hat" or "does anyone need to use the bathroom before I zip you up completely's?"
There's just something about the outdoors when it snows.
Something so peaceful and quiet.
Until my 3 boys go outside that is!
The first rule of going outside to play in the snow is always the same....
no throwing snow in anyone's face.
And what happens we proceed to step outside?
Someone gets SMACKED in the face with a snowball!
That's just life with 3 boys!
We stayed outside longer than I thought we were going to make it.
My husband cleaned off both of our cars while the boys tried to make a snowman (the snow was a little too soft and powdery to actually shape or form into anything), then we headed across the street to a park where the boys had a fun time rolling down a hill!
We came back home, got everyone undressed, had lunch and then it was time for my husband to go to work :(
Then the most amazing thing happened....
2 out of our 3 kids were so exhausted from playing in the snow that they laid down on the couch and took a nap!
And I was so exhausted that I let them...even though it was 4pm!  
It was nice, I got to have some much needed, uninterrupted quiet time with my oldest son.
He showed me some of the latest games on his Ipad and we watched a movie!
Today was just a really, really good day.
A day where I didn't have to threaten to take away privileges, or clean up our living room more than 4 times, or feel overwhelmed.
A day where we kind of threw the schedules out of the window, and just went with whatever happened!
Today was a great day!