Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Coffee Date

Coffee dates are great they are time with close friends to talk about life, our struggles, and our triumphs.  So grab your favorite drink my friend, and pull up a comfy seat as we enjoy our very first coffee date!


On our coffee date I would share with you...

How I'm learning to treat everyday for the gift that it is, and to always find the positive and good in every situation.  It's hard, but I'm getting there.

How  having two kids in school has completely turned our world upside down in more way than one and I'm extremely uncomfortable with it.  That since Angel has started Kindergarten he has learned so many new things: his letters, numbers, words, and has even started reading...but we've also encountered other not so great school habits.  We've struggled with him being SUCH a social person, bullies, new ways of him expressing his feeling-which are not always good, and how all of these changes came on so quickly in such a short amount of time that I don't know where to turn for advice. 

That I have not been spending nearly as much time with Him as I should lately.  I have not been setting aside time for my devotionals each and every day, and I feel terrible because I've been so far from God.

How I worry that my kids will only remember the times I reprimand them because some days it feel like that is all I do! When all I really want them to remember is us playing make believe, building forts with sheets and pillows, our dance parties, and their Dad and I trying to let them stay young and carefree for as long as possible.

That I truly enjoy my job and sometimes feel bad that I know I'm not cut out to be at SAHM.  I love waking up every morning, putting on freshly pressed pants, a crisp shirt and high heels then going into my office, greeting my co-workers with a genuine smile on my face and carrying on conversations with them during our lunch hours. 

I would ask how you were doing...and if there was anyway I could help you on your journey?  

I would also say thanks for this time together and thank for listening, friend.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


~Proverbs 15:18
A hot-tempered man stirs up dissension, but a patient man calms a quarrel. 
We have 3 boys age 5 and under...and at one point 3 age 4 and under! 
I understand it was our choice to have kids so close together; however I never knew how much children could truly test your patience. 
It's incredible. Almost impossible to measure.  
There are many days when my throat hurts from yelling so, my head hurts at the sound of my own voice, and if I have to count to 3 one more time for someone using the coffee table as a trampoline or seeing if they can jump from the top of the couch to the rug with a perfect landing I might just explode!  
But I'm learning every day to...
stop and breathe.

This is something I am working on every day and it is NOT easy, by any means. 
But to know that I am working on it with Him by my side to go to whenever I need guidance and help is amazing!  
This is just another one of those times when I have to learn to rely on Him while working through my shortcomings.  
A time when I am able to bring my troubles and worries to God I know that he is there to comfort and get me through my struggles.  
A time to be grateful that he is there for me-
Ironically these 3 little miracles that make me want to pull my hair out most days and don't listen have taught me to have more patience than I ever knew possible. 
I think I've actually learned to have more patience with each child we've added to our family.
I've learned that these days taking a few.deep.breaths 
goes a long way.

I hope this post finds you well my friends!  Feel free to share your latest struggle below...whether you are a mom or not :) 






Monday, November 28, 2011


Fall is almost over....almost!  
This season is quickly becoming my there is no rushing fall to be over. 
Who doesn't love colorful leaves, crisp air, pumpkins, Halloween, pumpkin spice coffee, hot chocolate, cowls, uggs, and sweatshirts? 
I certainly do!  
When I was a little girl one of my favorite memories was playing with my cousin in the piles of leaves my uncle used to rake up, by forward to today and you'll find him with a gas powered leaf blower ha!   
That's right the entire front and back yard-we're talking HUGE piles of leaves!  
This past weekend I was able to watch our two older boys Angel and Ayden enjoy in the same activity I used to when I was little at the very same house!  
Oh how special :)   
What's your favorite fall memory?







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Sunday, November 27, 2011


Thanksgiving in one word to me is: FAMILY
Believe me we had LOTS of family time these past couple of days and I think family and friends are good for everyone.  
They're good for the soul, the heart, and our sanity...well sometimes ha!)
In the past we have always hosted Thanksgiving at our house, but since our little family has continued to grow our house seems tinier and tinier so we opted to have my husband's aunt host it this year and it could not have been better! 
One thing I have always said about my husband is that he is a family man and always has been. 
It goes right back to his roots-everyone in his family is so so close.  
It is truly an amazing bond his family has created and I am blessed to have become a part of it.  
There were warm smiles, lots of homemade food, family, jokes, grace, spirits, cousins playing with each other, music, and love truly filled the air.  
Are you ready for a photo overload??  Here they come.... 









Wednesday, November 23, 2011


We're spending a few days at my mom and dad's house (in laws) and I could!
  Seriously I got sooo lucky when I met my husband because I fell in love with his family too!  
Of course the boys are having a blast and being spoiled by their Abuela, Abuelo, and Titi :)



Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I am blank because

Inspired by Little Miss Momma, Casey Wiegand, & Lily White

I am {weird} because....

I think I sometimes enjoy kids movies more than my actual kids
I cannot eat in the dark
I answer my own questions once I say the question out loud-ALOT!
I can't sleep with my feet covered
I have to sleep with my closet doors competely shut

I am {a bad friend} because...

I sometimes forget communication goes both ways
I can be stubborn
I don't put as much effort into friendship as I do other areas of my life

I am {a good friend} because...

I am always here for my friends day or night
I can keep secrets
I am great with advice, therapy, and words
I try to put myself in my friends shoes
I do not judge

I am {sad} because...

I miss my Grandmom and Pop-Pop everyday
I've lost touch with a lot of used-to be close friends
I know there are children out there who are abused, malnourished, and can't speak up for themselves and it breaks my heart
Most people are too quick to judge

I am {happy} because...

Thanksgiving=family overload
I have 3 healthy kids
I always wanted to be a mom, and now I am
I have a husband who is not afraid to do it ALL-diapers, dishes, bathtime
We are finally a 2 car family
I married my best friend and we're doing everything on.our.own.

I am {excited} for...

Seeing what the new year brings
Watching my boys grow up-and being involved 100%
This journey we call LIFE :)
Repairing and developing friendships
Seeing what God's true calling is for me
Growing my shop and this lil blog
Meeting our college roomate's newest addition Baby Khloe




These are *best friends*
Pass it on...and leave a comment linking to yours!

Sweet Dreams

These have become our "sweet dreams".  
Perfect and precious in every way and we thank God every day for them!


In case I do not get on here tomorrow... HAPPY THANKSGIVING =)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Let there be cake...and lots of it!

For nearly the past week we have celebrated Aaron's first birthday!  
Needless to say there has been a ton of cake!  
So far we have had 2 cakes and still have celebration #3 this week at my in-laws house while also celebrating Thanksgiving.  Here are some pics from our birthday celebrations thus far!




In a way its kind of sad because this could really be the last of our "infant" days.  
I asked my husband the other night "is this our last first birthday we'll be celebrating?"  
It's kind of heartbreaking to know that there may be no more bottles, no more formula, no more onesie's, no more Johnson & Johnson sweet baby smell.  
We always wanted to be young parents and for quite a while had 3 children-3 boys- and our oldest was 4 1/2. 
Now I'm not saying that we're closing up this baby factory for good or for EVER because we're still young but we are taking a much needed break!  For our sake and for our sanity!  
Maybe one day in a few years (ahem-QUITE a few) we will get the baby fever but for right now we're enjoying our family just the way it is! 

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Every once in a while I'll write a post about something God has laid on my heart.  Yesterday was one of those days...
Our timing is not always His timing.  Two days ago I saw down as I felt we were in a good place to make a to-do  list (usually this thing is a forsure jinx).  My to-do list was filled with typical activities:

pay car insurance
buy boys winter jackets
make brownies for LNO at our church
start christmas list 
sweep kitchen floor
fill our Operation Christmas Child Shoe Box for church this weekend
pick up diapers
clean the downstairs bathroom

Well we woke up the next morning and He had a different plan.  
My husband's car wouldn't start.  One phone call to AAA, a battery check later and our car was on the back of a tow truck on its way to the dealership =(
My first thought and feeling was: frustration.  
I was frustrated at the fact when were were finally financially in a good place-for the time being, something like this happens?  
Why can't we ever just catch a break, take a breather, let somebody else deal with this?  
My second thought? 
This is God's way of telling me we can plan and save ale we want, but ultimately it is what He sees fit for us that will happen.  
This is just another sign and time that we truly need to trust in Him and lean on Him always
Yes we're going to have crazy days, sometimes even weeks. 
Maybe the baby is cutting teeth, or wants to switch his bed time routine, or wake up and play  from 3-4am the night before a BIG day.  
Something will always happen.  Usually when  you least expect it.
We may have one plan for our lives, but God has another.
And his plan will always make us stronger. 
As hard as it was to let go of the frustration the moment I told myself to hand it all over to Him-the frustration, anger, fear, trust, and hope-I did not feel alone. 
I felt as though someone was right along side me holding my hand, and it was a great feeling! 

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight." ~Proverbs 3:5-6

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cupcakes & Brownies

Since our oldest has started Kindergarten...actually preschool in general I have made more brownies and cupcakes than I have in my entire life!  This is more than high school bake sales, college nights with bored girlfriends and during the Holidays!  Here's a little snapshot of my yummy night!

{who doesn't looooove funfetti??}

Cupcakes & Brownies

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Tomorrow is Aaron's first birthday.  I cannot believe a year has gone by since I have had him, it feels more like a whirlwind than a calendar year!  I figured it might be kind of cool to write his birth story on here that way he has something to look back on when he asks about the precious day he entered this world.

Aaron was due to arrive December 5th but came three weeks early, November 16th.  We were expecting an early arrival because his brothers were early-but not quite THAT early!  In fact we borrowed a car seat from a friend because we hadn't gotten ours yet :)

False labor started about 4 weeks before he was actually due and each time I went to the OB for a checkup I was diliated a little more.  At my last appointment my Dr. said I was 2cm's dilated (or so he was telling me-we'll get to that later).  
November 16th I woke up and was a little crampy-nothing out of the ordinary as I was pretty far along in my pregnancy.  I got Angel dressed for pre-k since it was Thursday  and Dad drove him as my "crampiness" was getting a little worse at that point.  While Ayden hung out with Daddy downstairs I laid upstairs in our bed hoping water and rest would make the contractions stop...needless to say they did not. 
My Uncle was our planned kid watcher to come get our other two boys while I went to the hospital, had the baby, and then my aunt and uncle would bring the boys to visit his new baby brother the next day!  Well let me tell you even though this was our third child my husband went into a panic the moment I hung up with my Dr's office and they told me to head up to L&D (Labor & Delivery).  He called our close family friend-Jamal  as he was on his was to pick Angel up from preschool early.  Luckily Jamal was able to get here in the time gap that my uncle was not!  He stayed with the boys until my Uncle got here, and was able to get the boys packed up in his car.  I forgot to mention that hospital bag that all mom's are supposed to take the hospital with them and pack like 2 months before baby arrives...yea I packed that as I was in labor/having contractions that morning!!  
When hubby and I arrived at the hospital and told the nurses this was baby #3 they skipped triage and put me right in a delivery room!  Hubby and I got situated ( meaning I got into my lovely hospital gown and he postitioned the recliner at a perfect angle to the TV).  I was already 4 cm's by the time I arrived  and labor was progressing nicely...and by nicely I mean after I had the epidural I was in Heaven.
Aaron's actual birth was very calm, and peaceful.  The midwife came in a checked me and said "okay time to have a baby!"  I looked at my husband and looked back at me with a grin that went ear to ear.  With just a few short pushes we had brought a brand new baby boy into this world!  As the midwife placed him on my chest I looked at my husband and we both knew we were relieved, excited, and thankful all at the same time.  
Okay and now for the kicker....
Remember when I told you at my last Dr's appointment my Dr. (whom I loved and wanted to deliver me this time as he had with our second) said I was only 2 cm's....well about an hour after I had Aaron there was a knock on the door.  Yup you guessed it, Dr. M that I had wanted to deliver me...he was on call that night for c-sections and saw my chart and wanted to see how things were going.  As soon as he walked in the door he greeted us with big hugs and smiles and I told him he was about an hour too late.  It was at this point in time he said, "yea I knew it was going to be soon you were close to 4 cm's in the office last time, I just didn't want to tell you and scare you!"  Way to go Doc :)    Just Kidding....we still <3 your Dr. M!!
Enjoy some pics from Aaron's Birth Day!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I remember those first few nervous days of being in a classroom with what felt like a TON of new kids I had never met before.  
Kindergarten brings to mind:
Piano's- my teacher had one in her classroom that she used to play while we sang
Getting to play with the "magic" felt board that things would stick to
meeting my best friend, Melissa-who I am proud to say I am STILL friends with 
I was definetly a shy kid-you know the one who would hide behind mom when she introduced you to someone new, yup that was me! 
Luckily our oldest son, Angel is the complete opposite.  
In fact I call him Mr. Social....he has this amazing ability to talk to anybody.  
He is loving kindergarten and thriving in his new school.  
Here is his Kindergarten pic, enjoy!
What is your fondest Kindergarten memory?

Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy Place

I'm in a very blah kind of mood tonight-in fact I wasn't even going to blog but then I realized this is reality.  
Real life has ups and downs and struggles and who I am to leave that out if I want people to realize that this blogging thing comes from my heart.  
This is something I don't do for money, or to see how many followers, or comments I can accrue.
This is therapy, this is my time alone with my thoughts, this is my thinking process, this is my space to share what's important to me. 
I feel like I've hit a wall but somehow have got to keep going.  
Keep going with my husband, with my kids, with my activities, with my commitments all the while I am standing against this concrete wall pushing as hard as I can with all of my strength watching it go nowhere. 
There's a saying I once heard and it goes something like this:
"The definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result."  
Well my friends if that is the case I have gone CRAZY!  
I'm going to my happy place for the rest of the night...