Monday, July 27, 2009

naked and cheap lol

I am still waiting for some friends to post pics from my bachelorette party this weekend so until then here's my next post!

Today I feel naked...and cheap all at the same time!! I had to go to Zales to have my engagement ring re-dipped and all the diamonds polished for the photographer for the wedding so I won't have it back until our wedding day :( That is why i feel naked...

I feel cheap because I refuse to wear nothing on my finger until the wedding so I opted for a fake set from Piercing Pagoda! It's actually not bad and I've decided to wear it at work after the wedding because since I am a bartender I tend to bang up my rings pretty badly and don't want to chance it anymore with the real thing. And i'll wear my real set everywhere but work :)

ohhh the things us girls do!

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