Sunday, October 9, 2011

MNO #1

This past Friday night the moms of our church all came together and started our first MNO (Mom's Night Out) crafting night!!  
I have 4 words for ya {}  
It was an amazing night with childcare provided-which is always great these days!  
By the end of the night we went home with 4 crafts, full bellies, and a new friend :)
  I can't wait for our next MNO in November and hopefully I'll be hosting one after the Holidays.  
What's your favorite craft to make?

Delicious food!
Serious concentration!!

Kim was our Hostess for our first MNO
Philly pretzel tray..YUMM!
Coffee Bar

Craft #1 Gift Card Holder

Craft #2 Greeting Card
Craft #3 Candy Corn holder

Craft #4 Candy Holder
Apple Cider,Mmmm!

In {crafter} style with my rosette headband

Close up! Excuse the roots LOL!

P.S. Excuse the old Cybershot camera... our DSLR and I had some miscommunication a/k/a I thought it was broken and took it to the Geek Squad after not using it for almost an entire month because I was so angry at it for not taking pictures crispy clear and it turns out it was {user error} woops!  There will be many pretty pictures to come :)

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