Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Overload

My apologies on being MIA!!  
This year Halloween has really taken charge of me beginning with last week our our local Halloween Parade.  
Now, there is some history to this parade as my cousins and i were always in it when we were fact one year we even took first place as Barbie and Ken!!  
It was adorable, we even used my Barbie Powerwheels Corvette and everything!
  Anywho in addition to the parade we had two kids Halloween parties at school, pumpkin decorating, festivities at work, hubby and I went to a Halloween party, I was able to complete 3 custom order's for the shop this weekend and much much more!! 
Pics are coming soon from all of our crazy events...for now enjoy this picture of me this Halloween as Princess Peach from Mario Bro's :)

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