Friday, January 13, 2012

This Friday

What does this Friday mean to me?

Mom's Night Out ministry at our church and a much need break from my kids {yay for youth group/free babysitting} while I enjoy worship and crafting with fellow momma's
Payday- and NOT the candy bar :)
Jeans day in the office
The beginning of the weekend
Not seeing my husband until we wake up on Sunday :(
Scary movies {Friday the 13th}...yeah right I'm such a chicken
Setting goals for the weekend such as: cleaning the bathrooms, doing laundry, organizing something, etc.
none of which ever get accomplished
Later bedtimes for the older boys & major snuggle sessions
Eagerly planning a craft for my little kiddies in Sunday School this week
A trip to Target for our oldest who has earned a new game with good behavior...I hope I didn't just jinx that one
Cooking up some tasty crock pot recipe's

What does this Friday mean to you?

Pic taken on my way home from work the other night!

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