Monday, May 18, 2009

I caught myself singing today

Today was a good day! I'm finally back in my groove at work minus the bitches I still have to put up with... lol, an ex-friend emailed me to tell me how well she wishes mine and Angel's wedding to turn out, and I was able to go grocery shopping after work with both boys in tow and neither one had a meltdown =) Mood: accomplished!

Onto other topics...

Last night Angel and I sat down to start working on our invitations...and they are still a work in progress. Nobody tells you how time consuming, and how much "wedding invitation etiquette" slows down the process of putting together the invites! Ugghh it was an exhausting and overwhelming experience, and not a very productable evening either. All you see are peoples final product of their invitations, not the sweat shop process it took them to get to that point! Nonetheless I'm hoping a little work every night between now and Thursday will allow us to get them all in order and in the mail by Friday morning.

Next topic: Wednesday we are off to Men's Warehouse to check out suits for our groomsmen.

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