Wednesday, December 28, 2011


2011 was filled with lots of ups and downs, love, death and everything in between. 
A new year means a fresh start and who doesn't like a fresh start? 
 Before I get onto my hopes for 2012 I'd like to recap the bigger moments of 2011:

My grandmother who helped raised me fought the toughest battle of her life against cancer that eventually took her from us in February leaving me officially grandparent-less.

We bought a second good car and are very thankful!

We watched 3 of our friends declare their love for one another at their weddings.

Angel started kindergarten.

Ayden started preschool.

I started teaching Sunday school.

We survived Hurricane Irene.

I really started developing this little blog and opened my own shop on Zibbett.

We had Aaron christened.

Family vacation to the Pocono's.

We celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary. 

I brought two great forever-friends back into my life.

I've learned to lean into the lord with all of my heart, and soul.

I've developed new bloggy friendships and found support from women I have never met face to face but whose opinion and beliefs genuinely  mean something to me.

Here's to a successful, faith filled, fun, 2012!

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