Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Teething is no fun!
 No fun for baby. 
For mom. 
For dad. 
 Or for siblings. 
 This poor guys has had many rough nights trying to fall asleep lately due to teething :( 
It's so heartbreaking! 
 First we overcame the severe colic, the reflux, the power puking after every bottle and endless crying for hour upon hour. 
 After 5 months we moved onto the teething
...dum dum dum.

This kids is the one and only one I have ever used Oragel on and I feel terrible.
 I've always heard that it actually toughens the gums and makes it harder for the teeth to come through. 
 Well let me tell you after 5 months of relentless crying you are willing to try anything for his sake
-and ours! 
 Oh I pray these teeth come through soon!

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